The Revolution Will Be Blogged

Everybody has heard the term New Media.  It started to be a buzzword even before the turn of the millenium, a new way to consume media, a new way to create media, and part and parcel of the newness was an unwashed throng of commoners that wanted to create and consume news and other programming in brand new ways.  The motivations of the creators particularly was radical.  They wanted to be responsible for creating news that was heavily endowed with truth.  When you start talking about news and truth in the same sentence people get alarmed, especially politicians with a less than humanist agenda.

As new media grows alliances are formed between like minded people who have their own passions, these groups of impassioned activists are often labelled SJWs or Social Justice Warriors.  Social Justice Warrior is what a lot of people, particularly the alt right, would like to be a derogatory term.  I would like to introduce a couple of my SJW comrades in arms.

Nicole Alexander is the author of the Terfwar Blog.  She has been a very close friend who has an absolutely uncanny knack for getting to the facts regardless of how much time the enemy has spent attempting to obscure them.  For those of you that don’t know TERF is Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism, for these “feminists” only cisgender women qualify to be part of the feminist struggle.  Trans women are, in the eyes of TERFs, men.  At both the terfwar blog and here at texaspinko we absolutely believe in every persons right to be the person they believe themselves to be without fear of assault, discrimination, or ridicule.  This is a belief that was nurtured in Nicole and I many years ago by Shannon Larratt, founder of Body Modification Ezine or BME.  The TERFWAR article I’ve linked here is not even about TERF.  It’s an article about Betsy DeVos and the Acton Institute.  It’s a screaming good article.

The other friend I’ll mention here is another Arkansas blogger.  Rance Vinson is the author of An Arkansas Atheist.  Rance is a great writer with a straight, no chaser approach to the separation of church and state.  He is a genuine and sincere ally to all humans.  Rance puts in the work.  Rance is, perhaps more than anyone, the reason I chose to start blogging again after an 11 year hiatus.

You’ll be seeing a lot of cooperation and interactions between our blogs.  We’re all radical activists and close friends.  We will on occasion edit each other’s blogs to expand our minds and perspectives.  We will win or be brave in the attempt.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre



4 thoughts on “The Revolution Will Be Blogged

  1. Glad others recognize the efforts. Throughout this process of becoming more active, 5 years in the making, the most appalling experiences have been when collaborators fall out. Some form of ideology clashes, somebody feels shame, or resentment rears its ugly mug, and bam! The movement takes a hit. And the smaller the cell, the more devastating. Why have corporate entities and military-industrial complexes taken over the leadership? Because they stay organized and united in the mission of control and profit. If we, as a culture, could stay united and not fall to the distractions of affluence, society may find a more genuine form of existence. I aim to be a loud and constant pulse for maximizing human experience. It’s a generational game, glad you’re playin’.

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  2. Nice opening blog page. What are you fighting against specifically? Is it fake news or the SFW label? There are many rebellions supposedly going on. Which is yours? Human rights infringements? I will check your links and I’m curious to hear more details in the future!

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    1. This is revolution in a much more generalized sense. There are many things in our society that currently in crucial need. #notalegitimatepresident and his cronies are doing every thing they can to make it impossible for poor people to survive with any sense of dignity intact. A perfect example is Planned Parenthood. There are a shocking number of girls and young women that would have never had a pelvic exam or pap smear had it not been for Planned Parenthood. There are women in the most significant breast cancer risk groups that would have never had a mammogram were it not for planned parenthood.

      Without exception the first words out of a conservative’s mouth after you say Planned Parenthood are “those abortion people!”. Those people are doing a huge disservice to women, Planned Parenthood, and themselves by falling for the religious right’s propaganda about Planned Parenthood and abortion. Planned Parenthood’s mission is to educate low income women about their reproductive health and help them manage and maintain said health. If the occasion arises that an abortion is required to terminate an unplanned unfeasible pregnancy it is viewed by Planned Parenthood as first and foremost a failure. There are no “pro abortion” people rubbing their hands together and cackling with glee. Mike Pence cackled with glee when he was governor of Indiana because of the perverse pleasure he took in the draconian hoops he mandated women jump through. He’s not like a really smart guy. Smart guys, myself and most of my male friends included, don’t even believe we rate an opinion on the subject. No uterus, check! No, ovaries, check! Testes, check! OPINION DISQUALIFIED.

      There are also not throngs of people standing around waiting for any adoptable baby to become available. So the argument that “some childless couple would give anything for that baby and you’re killing it!”. Doesn’t hold water either, or amniotic fluid.

      Planned Parenthood and the defunding of the only source of reproductive health care that a lot of low income women have available is just the first issue that came to mind. Another one that will come up soon is communications security for activists.


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