Love and Revolution

“At the risk of seeming ridiculous let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love.” Che Guevara

Love and revolution don’t seem like subjects that belong together, at least to the status quo.  They would have you believe that revolution as a thought process is about angst, tearing down institutions, class warfare, even acts of violence.  All these things are true,  but, the motivation for these things is never examined in the press controlled by the oppressors.  The motivation for all revolutionary acts when you tear it down to it’s lowest common denominator or elevate it to it’s highest aspirations is the same.  The motivation for all revolution and the driving force behind all acts of revolution, is love.  Love for country, love for countrymen, love of justice and freedom.

We love the causes we revolt in support of and we love the principles that guide us to support those causes.  We love all life, especially the lives of those oppressed by the out of control beauraucracies.

We love justice.  We love to see justice in action, true justice, not justice warped by the second hand spirituality of cardboard people leading a one dimensional representation of life.  We love ideals, ideals that glory in the strength of the oppressed realizing that many people with one voice are a revolution.  We love discovery, we love both the oppressors and the oppressed and seeing them together discover that the commonalities they share outnumber the disparities that divide them.

Love and empathy are the basis for all revolution.  We have to love those we most detest in order to be able to dialog with them and get them to engage their rational mind and see that the most good for the greatest number cannot be accomplished by existing governmental constructs.  Closely allied to the concept of revolution driven by love is the concept of humanistic accountability.  It is a three three sided approach to accountability that allows us to keep the complex goings on in the mind of a revolutionary from crushing us and making us ineffective because of our lack of focus.  From the teachings of a great humanist who will remain nameless because of stigma surrounding him I formulated over a period of years what I call the trident of accountability, or the 3 Hs.

To remain functional and viable as an agent of change a revolutionary must maintain accountability to the three core parts of who we are, the head, the heart, and humanity. The idea must make sense, we must love it, and it must fulfill our responsibility of accomplish the most good for the greatest number with the least compromise of our humanity.

We (speaking to the fellow revolutionaries reading this) all love rabble rousing.  The adrenaline of empowering a gathering of marginalized people and teaching them to have a confident, coherent, and unafraid voice is a rush that can’t be matched by any drug.  The important and neglected thing that has heretofore been unacknowledged by a lot of popular proponents of revolution is the hard work, loving the oppressors, and particularly the associates and next generation of oppressors.  They don’t know they are the oppressors!  They are barely aware of the oppressed at all!  It is these people, the influencers and eventual replacements of the current oppressors, that we must love and educate about the lives of the oppressed.  We must love them and educate them about their role in oppression, and about the difference in opportunities for a kid with the potential to be a brilliant physicist growing up in the rural south, in a school district that only offers high school physics once every three years, and that same kid born to a family with money in a major city with access to Magnet and Talented and Gifted schools from pre-K on.  We must love them and teach them the truth about the particular political and economic systems that their indoctrination tells them are heretical anathema to every thing that is pure and good and holy.

Both the oppressors and the oppressed are guilty of the dehumanization of the other side.  It’s easy to remain vigilant against an enemy that’s not really human to you.  What’s hard is to develop a a forthcoming relationship based on mutual empathy and respect and learn to see the world from each other’s perspective and change the world.

Let’s get to it!



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